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OVIDIUS UNIVERSITY ANNALS OF CHEMISTRY:  http://www.univ-ovidius.ro/anale-chimie/





SECTION A- Natural and synthetic compounds


A1. E. Vamanu, S. Nita, A. Vamanu  (ROMANIA) - poster

Antioxidant properties of the flavonoids existent in vegetal extracts


A2. S. Jipa, T. Zaharescu, M. Bumbac, C. Dumitrescu, L. M. Gorghiu, R.L.Olteanu (ROMANIA) - poster

Effect of gamma-irradiation on the antioxidant capacity of Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)


A3. A.M. Hossu, M.F. Maria, A. Stoica, M. Ilie (ROMANIA) - poster

Determination of tocopherol in oil pharmaceuticals by using the spectrofluorimetry and method validation


A4. A. E. Polyakov, S. V. Muginova, T. N. Shekhovtsova (RUSSIA) – oral communication

Application of stimulatory effect of l-thyroxine and related compounds in the reactions of peroxidase oxidation  of catecholamines for their determination


A5. C. Anghel, C. Ionas, T. Iov, N. Viciu (ROMANIA) - poster

A plastic lubricating compozition with cosmetical properties


A6. D. Cressier,  T. Negreanu-Pirjol, C. Amourette, C. Lion,  G. Rima (FRANCE) - poster
Radioprotective activity of new organometallic compounds against cellular damage caused by ionizing radiation


A7. T. Kiss (HUNGARY) - keynote lecture (20 minutes)

Biodistribution of antidiabetic vanadium compounds


A8. I. M.C. Ienascu, I. Balcu, R. Martagiu, A. E. Segneanu, C. A. Macarie, M. A. Padure (ROMANIA) - poster

Synthesis and characterization of some new salicylamide derivatives, with potential biological activity


A9. C. Vaszilcsin, A.E. Segneanu, R. Martagiu, C. Popescu, I. Balcu, M. C. Mirica (ROMANIA) - poster

Study for extraction and separation capsaicines


A10. M. I. Maties, A. E. Segneanu, C. Popescu, M. C. Mirica, I. Balcu,, M. Iorga, C. Pandurescu  (ROMANIA) - poster

Lewis acids catalysis in esterification reactions


A11. C. I. Koncsag, M. Popescu, C. Balbae, G. Stanciu (ROMANIA) - poster

The characterization by chromatographic  methods of petroleum fractions from thermocatalytical processes


A12. E. Patrascu, G. Rapeanu, M. Bulancea, C. Vicol, G. Bahrim (ROMANIA) – poster

Investigation of yeast performances in the fermentation of beet and cane molasses to ethanol production


A13. C.V. Popa, E. Oprea, A. F. Dăneţ, P. Mladin (ROMANIA) – poster

Antioxidant capacity of Vaccinium Myrtillus L. extracts obtained from new varieties


A14. S. Berteina-Raboin (FRANCE) – oral communication

New access to various aza-heterocycles


A15. M. Nicolae, M. Petre (ROMANIA) – poster

The solubility of ethane and propane gases in n-methylpyrrolidone solvent


A16. A. Popescu,  M. C. Balasu (ROMANIA) – poster

Preparation and characterization of some tyrosine-o-sulphate compounds with potential uses in biology

A17. L Parvulescu, M. Mihai , A Marton, C. Draghici, E. Olteanu, R. Varga, M. D. Gheorghiu (ROMANIA) – poster

Cycloaddition reactions with t-butylcyanoketene


A18. E. M. Ungureanu, M. L. Soare, E. Georgescu (ROMANIA) – oral communication

Electrochemical studies on some indolizine derivatives 


A19. S. zagan, I. berdan (ROMANIA) - poster

vibrational analysis and thermal stability of oxamide complexes


A20. L.Tuţă, G.Stanciu, A. Sburlan, Fl. Voinea  (ROMANIA) - poster

Effects of long-term i.v. vitamin C supplementation on oxidative stress and inflammation status in haemodialysis patients


A21. E.M. Ungureanu, G.O. Buica, A. Razus, L. Birzan, A. Soceanu, G. Stanciu (ROMANIA) - poster
Electrochemical studies on azulen-1-ylmethylene malonic acid derivatives


SECTION B- Materials Science



B1. I. Stanciu (ROMANIA) - poster

Studies physico-chemical of copolymers used as viscosity improvers for sae 10W mineral oil


B2. A. A. Belkova, G. A. Kryvshenko, M. K. Beklemishev (RUSSIA) - poster

Polyelectrolyte complex based nanostructured membrane selectively permeable to aniline


B3. C. Onose, H. Niciu, O. Robu, C. S. Onose, D. Niciu (ROMANIA) - poster

The obtain of digital glass decor using inorganic precursors


B4. H.Niciu, D.Radu, O.Robu, C.Onose, A. Ioncea, D.Niciu, H. Stroescu (ROMANIA) - poster

Glasses in binary system SiO2 Nd2O3


B5. A. Badanoiu, G. Voicu (ROMANIA) – oral communication

Hardening processes and properties of alkali activated binders based on fly ash


B6. D. S. Chirtes, Z. Bacinschi (ROMANIA) - poster

Fibers orientation in composite materials


B7. I. Popescu, S. Tanasoi, A. Urda, T. Yuzhakova, I.C. Marcu, I. Sandulescu (ROMANIA) – oral communication

Barium and lead perovskite based catalytic materials for VOCs combustion


B8. S. Stoleriu, E. Andronescu, M. Dinca (ROMANIA) - poster

Preparation and characterization of zirconia ceramics obtained from ultrafine powders


B9. A. Ianculescu, S. Guillemet-Fritsch, B. Durand, P. Alphonse (ROMANIA) - poster

Influence of the processing parameters on the formation mechanism and characteristics of BaTiO3 powders prepared from oxalate precursors


B10. I. Ropota,  E. Zamfirache, M. Muntean (ROMANIA) - poster

New composite obtaining by solid waste valorification


B11.  C. Panaitescu, C. Stratula (ROMANIA) – oral communication

Study of vapour-liquid equilibrium from water-ethylenediamine (EDA) systems in the presence of electrolyte


B12. L. Makedonski , M. Stancheva (BULGARIA) – poster

Promoted vanadium- titanium catalysts for selective oxidation of ortho-xylene to phthalic anhydride.  Tungsten oxides doping.


B13. P. Chukwu, F. Paul,  M. Muntean  (NIGERIA) - poster

Chemical interactions at methal/ceramic interface


B.14. D. Humelnicu, R. I. Olariu, C. Arsene (ROMANIA) – poster

Synthesis and characterization of some isopolyoxomolybdates  with UO22+ and Th4+ ions


B15. O. Dumitrescu, D. Radu (ROMANIA) - poster

Structure – basicity – properties dependences for glasses from Na2O-Al2O3-B2O3 system


B16. R. Olar, M. Badea, L. Diamandescu,  D. Mihaila-Tarabasanu, D. Marinescu, V. Ciupina, G. Prodan, A. Dumbrava, N. Stanica (ROMANIA) – poster

Soft chemical synthesis and characterisation of some limonites modified with divalent metal cations


B17. R. Olar, M. Badea, D. Marinescu, A. Dumbrava  (ROMANIA) – poster

Nonaqueous sol-gel route to nanocristaline


B18. M. Georgescu, N. Saca, G. Voicu  (ROMANIA) - poster

The behavior of some blended cements containing limestone filler exposed to sulfate medium


B19. V. Muşat, M. Mazilu, B Diaconu, ştefan Balta (ROMANIA) - poster

Sol-gel preparation of semiconductive oxides nanostructures on glass substrates


B20. E. M. Ungureanu, L. Pilan,  G. Bidan, E. Diacu (ROMANIA) – oral communication

New materials for molecular recognition obtained by electrochemical grafting


B21. V. Ionescu, C.P. Lungu,  M. Osiac, C. Cotarlan, O. Pompilian,  A.M. Lungu, V. Ciupina  (ROMANIA) - poster

Carbon-copper amorphous  nanocomposite coatings grown by  thermionic  vacuum  arc  method


B22. I. Carazeanu Popovici, V. Ciupina, G. Prodan,  M.A. Girtu (ROMANIA) - poster

Low-temperature synthesis and characterization of Lanthanum Silicates


B23. A.Ene, A. Pantelica (ROMANIA) - poster

Neutron activation analysis of minor elements in deoxidized steel samples



SECTION C - Analytical and Environmental Chemistry


C1. M. S. Beldean-Galea, C. Horga, D. Cozea (ROMANIA) - poster
Separation and determination of organochlorine pesticides in drinking water by solid phase extraction and GC-ECD analysis
C2. G. Busuioc, C. Stihi, M. Dumitru (ROMANIA)- oral communication

Elemental analyse of some macromycetes species for accumulating biominerals, heavy and rare metals


C3. G. Busuioc, I. Nitu, C. Stihi, A. Gheboianu (ROMANIA) - poster

Elemental analyses of DACIA-TETRA cultivar in some crop variants for determinate the concentrations of biominerals and heavy metals


C4. D. Diaconu, M.M. Nanau, O. Voroniuc, V. Nastase, T. Navrotescu, R. Diaconu (ROMANIA) - poster

Aluminum in finished drinking water


C5. M. Gheju, A. Iovi, I. Balcu (ROMANIA) - poster

Treatment of Cr(VI) polluted wastewater by use of scrap iron, a cheap and locally available alternative electron source


C6. S. Girotti, E. Maiolini, E. Ferri, P. Caputo,G. Guarnieri, S. Eremin, A.Montoya, M.J.Moreno (ITALY) – oral communication

Development of chemiluminescent methods for explosives (TNT, TATP, HMTD) detection


C7. M. F. Maria, A.M. Hossu,  P. Negrea, A. Iovi (ROMANIA) - poster

GFAAS method for determination of hexavalent chromium in urine


C8.  L. I. Oleynik, I. A. Veselova, T. N. Shekhovtsova (RUSSIA) - oral communication

A new optical biosensor based on the polyelectrolyte complex {horseradish peroxidase–chitosan} for determining phenolic compounds


C9. C.N. Purdel, D. Balalau, M. Ilie, C. Nicola (ROMANIA) - poster

Investigation of inclusion complex of fluoxetine with β-cyclodextrin in aqueous solution


C10. C. Radulescu, I. Ionita, E. I. Moater, C. Stihi (ROMANIA) - poster

Decolorization of textile wastewater containing green cationic dye by AOPs


C11. A.M. Szoke,  M. Muntean (ROMANIA) - poster

Building ceramic ware based on solid waste


C12. M. Vlassa, F. Onita, V. Coman (ROMANIA) - poster

Study of carbohydrates from apple leaves and peel using overpressured layer chromatography


C13. K.V. Yablotskiy, E. A. Shirshin, I. A. Veselova, V.V. Fadeev, T. N. Shekhovtsova (RUSSIA) - oral communication

Enzymatic approach for the determination of catecholamines with laser-induced fluorescence detection in biomaterials


C14. D. F. Pavlov, M. M. Frontasyeva, Z. I. Goryainova (RUSSIA)- oral communication

Comparative analysis of analytical methods for environmental monitoring in Russian Federation (with special emphasis on neutron activation technique)


C15.  M.V. Frontasyeva (RUSSIA) - keynote lecture (20 minutes)

Nuclear and related analytical techniques for life science


C16. H. R. Abdolhamid, M.A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi, A. El Hinshiri (LIBYA)- oral communication

Evaluation of biosurfactants enhancement on bioremediation process efficiency for crude oil contaminated soil at oilfield: strategic study


C17. M. A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi, H. R. Abdolhamid, M. M. Elgarni (LIBYA) – oral communication

CFD modeling of contaminant transport in soils including the effect of chemical reactions


C18.  M. Gheju, I. Balcu, L. Cocheci  (ROMANIA) - poster

Analysis of hexavalent chromium uptake by plants in polluted soils


C19. C. N.Purdel, D. Balalau, M. Ilie, F. Nicolescu (ROMANIA) – oral communication

Analytical study of fluoxetine in biological specimens- development and validation of a spectrophotometric method


C20. A. Arvinte, L. Rotariu, Camelia Bala (ROMANIA) oral communication

Nanostructured material used in the design of electrochemical biosensor


C21. R. E. Apreutesei, C. Catrinescu, C. Teodosiu (ROMANIA) – oral communication

The removal of phenol and 4-chlorophenol by sorption on natural zeolites, surfactant modified zeolites (SMZ) and activated carbon


C22. D. Cailean, G. Barjoveanu, C.P. Musteret, N. Sulitanu, C. Teodosiu (ROMANIA) – oral communication

Reactive Red 243 and Reactive Violet 5 removal from textile effluents by advanced processes

C23. R. Martagiu, C. Popescu, A.E. Segneanu, I. M. C. Ienascu, M. I. Maties, I. Balcu, C. G. Vaszilcsin (ROMANIA) - poster

Comparative studies regarding the characterization of vitamins E and C by analytical and electrochemical methods


C24. C. Elfakir, R. Chirita, A. Finaru (FRANCE) – oral communication

Direct determination of organophosphorous pesticides in natural waters by liquid chromatography-tandem  mass spectrometry

C25. C. Balbaie, A. Dumitru (Barladeanu), M. Popescu, C.I. Koncsag (ROMANIA) - poster

Aspects concerning the heavy metals analysis in samples with difficult matrix


C26. M. Velicu, C.I. Koncsag, A.A. Neagu (ROMANIA) - poster

The prediction of flue gas emissions from  the combustion in industrial tubular heaters


C27. C. Panaitescu (ROMANIA) - poster

Analytical control of biochemical treatment stage of industrial wastewater


C28. G. Aptisa, F. Benavente, V. Sanz Nebot, E. Chirila, J. Barbosa (ROMANIA) – oral communication

Determination of ionization constants of a series of therapeutical peptide hormones by capillary electrophoresis. Bare fused-silica versus polybrene-coated capillaries

C29. M.C. Balasu, A.I. Anghel, M. Onete, V. Iordache (ROMANIA) - poster

Studies of some oxidative stress parameters in Agrostis Capillaris and Portulaca Oleracea


C30. Lucica Barbes (ROMANIA) - poster

Predicted concentrations of antifouling biocides released in the waters of commercial Constanta Harbour


C31. G.O. Buica, I. Maior, E.M. Ungureanu, D.I. Vaireanu, C. Bucher, J.C. Moutet, G. Royal, E. Saint-Aman (ROMANIA) - poster

Electrochemical impedance characterization of poly (pyrrole-EDTA like) modified electrodes 

C32. I. Enache, S. Birghila, A. Dumbrava  (ROMANIA) - poster

The Danube River water quality in Braila Town


C33. N. Matei, A. Soceanu, S. Dobrinas, V. Magearu (ROMANIA) - poster

Kinetic study of ascorbic acid degradation on grapes


C34. A.Ene, I.V. Popescu, C. Stihi (ROMANIA) - poster

Applications of proton-induced X-ray emission technique in materials and environmental science


C35. N. Taranu, I. Carazeanu Popovici, V. Simion (ROMANIA) - poster

Determination of paracetamol by UV-VIS spectrometry in pharmaceutical dosage forms


C36. I.Povar (MOLDOVA) – poster

Ion buffer capacity approach as a tool for the assessment of long-term effects in natural attenuation/intrinsic chemical remediation of metals in contaminated groundwater, soils and sediments


C37. T. Cazac, M. Revenco, L. Chiriac (MOLDOVA) - poster

Trace determination of heavy metals by adsorbtive cathodic stripping voltammetry


C38. D. P. Balaban, C. Nuca, I. Psegalinschi, G. Dumitru, I. Ziu (ROMANIA) - poster

Salivary fluoride concentration after treatment with a fluoridated sealant


C39. C. Sava, R. Sîrbu (ROMANIA) - poster

Analytical study of flavonoids determination in algae from the Black Sea


C40. A. Remes, F. Manea, D. Sonea, G. Burtica, S. Picken, J. Schoonman  (ROMANIA) - poster

“Electrochemical determination of nitrate from water sample using Ag-doped zeolite-modified expanded graphite composite electrode”





D1. M. S. Beldean-Galea, V. Coman, M. Filip (ROMANIA)-poster

Retention and separation selectivity of some food synthetic colorants on RP-HPLC silica gel-based stationary phases


D2. V. Avram, M. Vlassa, M. Filip, V. Coman (ROMANIA)-poster

Chromatographic determination of some food colorants from alcoholic beverages


D3. B. Bogdanova Popov, J. Tomovska, V. Jovanovska, T. Apcevska (REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA)- poster

The effect of using in the forage of green alfalfa to the pigment of the meat from the cull pigs


D4. L.Buruleanu, I. Manea, M. Bratu, D. Avram (ROMANIA) - poster

Effects of some prebiotics on the quality of lactic acid fermented vegetable juices


D5. L. Buruleanu., C. Nicolescu (ROMANIA) - poster

Survival of probiotic bacteria in lactic acid fermented vegetable juices


D6. V. Coman (ROMANIA) - oral communication

Determination of food colorants from beverages by spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques


D7. M. Filip, V. Avram, V. Coman (ROMANIA) - poster

Study of some red colorants from different beverages by high performance liquid chromatography


D8. S. Kreibik, M. Vlassa, V. Avram, V. Coman (ROMANIA) - poster

Chromatographic behaviour of some food colorants from beverages using planar dielectrochromatography


D9. I. Manea (ROMANIA) -poster

Mathematical model for the evaluation of the preservation the juice sea-buckthorn


D10. I. Manea (ROMANIA) -poster

The dynamics of the myoglobine compounds of the meat during the muscle rigor and ageing


D11. D. A. Olteanu, G. L. Radu (ROMANIA) - poster

Milk quality from farms to processing


D12. F. Oniţă, M. Filip, M. Vlassa, V. Avram, V. Coman (ROMANIA) - poster

Determination of caramel colorant from energizing drinks by liquid chromatographic techniques


D13. V. Pascalau, R. Grecu, V. Coman (ROMANIA) - poster

Spectroscopic studies on some synthetic food colorants from soft drinks


D14. R. Grecu, V. Avram, D. Reghini, V. Pascalau, V. Coman (ROMANIA) - poster

Colorimetric indexes and CIElab colour coordinates of some Romanian red wines


D15. C. C. Visan, R. Segal (ROMANIA) - oral communication

Food quality management


D16. J. Tomovska, N. Hristovski, N. Tomovska, B. Bogdanova – (REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA) - poster

Ace inhibitory peptides in fermented milk product- joghourt


D17. E. Chirila, M. Munteanu  (ROMANIA) – poster

Cd and Pb occurrence in some Romanian south eastern region cereals


D18. C. A. Macarie, Adina Segneanu, Ionel Balcu, Raluca Martagiu,  Ionita-Firuta Fitigau, Claudia Popescu (ROMANIA) – poster

Chromatographic analysis and chemical determinations of some food additives


D19. A.E. Segneanu, C. A. Macarie, C. Popescu, C. Vaszilcsin, I. Balcu, I.F. Fitigau (ROMANIA) – poster

Determination of halogen-type pesticides from alimentary products by chromatographic and AOX methods


D20. A. Segneanu, C. A. Macarie, I. Balcu, C. Popescu, I.C.M. Ienascu (ROMANIA) – poster

Determination of aromatic preservatives from the superficial layer of citrus fruits using chromatography and spectroscopy methods


D21. C. A. Macarie, I. Balcu, A. Segneanu, R. Martagiu, I.F. Fitigau, M. I. Maties (ROMANIA) – poster

Determination by HPLC of some food flavorings


D22. C. Popescu,  A.E. Segneanu, M. I. Maties, I. Balcu, R. Martagiu, C. G. Vaszilcsin (ROMANIA) – poster

Anthocyanins studies by analytical and electrochemical methods


D23. I. M.C. Ienaşcu, I. Balcu, A. E. Segneanu, A. Căta, C. A. Macarie, D. Damian (ROMANIA) – poster

Anthocyanins profile of Vaccinium Myrtillus alcoholic extracts revealed by electrospray ionization/mass spectrometry


D24. C. Vicol, G. Rapeanu, M. Bulancea, E. Patrascu , G. Bahrim  (ROMANIA) – poster

Evaluation of wine naturalness from Odobesti vineyard


D25. C.A. Macarov, M.P. Hermo, E. Chirila, J. Barbosa, D. Barrón (ROMANIA) – poster

Determination of penicillins in chicken muscle by LC-MS and LC-MS/MS


D26. V. Popescu, S. Birghila (ROMANIA) – poster

Determination of sugar content from some fresh and organic fruit’s juice


D27. L. Grosu, D. Nicuta, I. C. Alexa, A. L. Finaru (ROMANIA) – poster

Influence of cheese whey addition in the culture medium of Brassica Oleracea Var. Capitata


D28. I. Ifrim, A. Simion, A. Finaru, L. Gavrila (ROMANIA) – poster

Modeling of the thermophysical  properties of grapes juice


D29. A. Soceanu, S. Dobrinas, S. Birghila, V. Popescu, V. Magearu (ROMANIA) – poster

Levels of phosphorus in citrus fruits


D30. T. M. Rababah, M. Al-Rababah (Jordania) – poster

Studying of using olive cake as fertilizer by evaluating the physicochemical properties


D31. A. Soceanu (ROMANIA) – poster

Presence of heavy metals in fruits from Prunus genera


D32. E. Diacu, C. P. Ene (ROMANIA) – poster

A rapid HPLC method for the analysis  of water soluble synthetic pigments in soft drinks


D33. S. Dobrinas, G. Stanciu, A. Soceanu (ROMANIA) - poster

Analytical characterization of distilled drinks


D34. S. Birghila, A. Dumbrava (ROMANIA) - poster

Behaviour and characterization of the colour during red wine maturation


D35. G. Friptuleac, A. Chirlici, S. Cebanu, L. Antosii (MOLDOVA) - poster

Heavy metals and nitrates in food stuffs in mun. Chisinau


D36. A. Nicolau, L. Georgescu (ROMANIA) - poster

Trends in food additives utilisation: How far it is allowed to go


D37. N. Chira, C. Todasca, N. Ionescu, I. David, M. Stanciu, S.I. Rosca (ROMANIA) – oral communication

Authentication of Romanian vegetable oils by multivariate data analysis of NMR, GC and FT-IR spectral information





E1. M. A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi, H. R. Abdulhamid, O.A. Mkhatresh (LIBYA) - oral communication

Using of produced water associated with oil and gas production as a source of hydrogen:  Solar electrolysis cell application


E2. M. Coman, V. Oros, G. Taro (ROMANIA)- poster

New ways in using long-waved infrared and the influence over environment and human habitats


E3. I. Nita, D. Mandalopol (ROMANIA) – poster

Study of the influence of temperature on density of diesel oil-biodiesel blends


E4. E.M. Minea, M. Petre (ROMANIA) – poster

Pretreatment technologies for the municipal disposal solid waste biogas


E5. I. Balcu, A. E. Segneanu, C. A. Macarie, M. C. Mirica (ROMANIA) – poster

Study over producing of bioethanol from textiles residues


E6. C. G. Vaszilcsin, A.E. Segneanu, D. C. Rosu, D. Buzatu, M.C. Mirica (ROMANIA) – poster

Electrochemical behavior of tantalum – voltammetric study


E7. A. E. Segneanu, C. G. Vaszilcsin, D. Buzatu, D. C. Rosu, M. I. Iorga (ROMANIA) – poster

Electrochemical behavior of tantalum II. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy


E8. I. Balcu, A. E. Segneanu, C. A. Macarie, R.Martagiu (ROMANIA) – poster

Municipal wastes management a biofuels reserves?


E9. H. Omidvar (IRAN) - poster

Natural Gas Industry in Iran


E10. A. Dumbrava, I. Enache, A. Georgescu, M. A. Girtu (ROMANIA) – poster

A comparison between anthocyanins and betalain as pigments for dye -
solar cells



April 7th, 2009







Abstract must be written in English, using MS Word, and send by e-mail, to the corresponding address, before November 15, 2008.

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